Local Expertise in Engineering, Project Management, Procurement & Contracting Services

Quality Contracting Services

CAL-WEST ENERGY, INC. specializes in commercial construction services for various energy markets. Our experienced work force provides quality services with rapid response for our clients all over the world. We are able to support projects and programs from inception to commissioning. We keep safety at highest priority while maintaining integrity in all of our operations. We stay on the cutting edge of technology, and have a respected track record for evolving with the speed of industry change. We offer quick installation, creative solutions per best practices and lessons learned, and a diversified knowledge base to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Our markets include and are not limited to: solar, oil, gas, wind, hydro, and mining.

Our specific services include and are not limited to: civil work, equipment operating, foundations, panel setting, pile driving, drilling, excavating, concrete, steel erection, building facilities, pipeline construction, and more.

We also provide consulting services for specific project and client needs.

Expert Procurement Services

CAL-WEST ENERGY, INC. provides in-house procurement services. Our talented Supply Chain Management division is capable of integrating project demands with resourcing materials and equipment for successful deployment.

Value Propositions include and are not limited to: Long lead management, schedule integration, systems and technical infrastructure, processes and procedures, vendor management, communication, efficient and innovative sourcing, material management, change order management, expediting, relationships, and agreements.

Precise Engineering Services

CAL-WEST ENERGY, INC. provides contracted engineering services for project and scope development.

Value Propositions include and are not limited to: Scheduling, level of development, technical expertise, specifications, drawings, processes, procedures, analytics, review, clash detection, modeling, continual development, resource management, research, design, constructability, problem solving, and decision making.